March 16, 2010

That moment

Your eyes tend to shut tight no matter how hard you try, there’s no way you gonna be able to see the time on that clock. Waking up in the middle of the night is like having to step into darkness with no clue where you are. I am quite familiar with that.

What you will need then, is a machine to say you are sane, you are alive, and you are in a safe place. But it doesn’t sound like something that can happen in real life, YOU need to jus’ feel right… no devices, no machines, no nothing to keep a check on reality for you. At that moment all you want to know is where you are and how safe are you.

Bring yourself up and a moment’s trick to get you staring hard at the clock. Yeah, it’s way past your bedtime, way ahead your snooze ring. A little bell rings in your head. You needed this ‘some’ time to wake up… wake up into the conscience, into your thoughts. To wake up is not easy, especially when it’s in the wee hours of life breaking moments.

Stay awake for just a bit more and you can clearly see the horizon of just about everything meeting everything. That’s the moment you rather, we all have been waiting to and not wanting to see. Open wide those veiled eyes and you are being born into the deeper self. Right when you seem to get a fair picture, the machine in your head goes ‘beep beep, it’s time to wake up from conscience back to reality.

Close your eyes now. Close from all the muddled up judgments you made and close in on the night. The seconds hand ticks away, ticking away your horizons of truth. Your eyes try to shut back, bouncing curtains with no hidden agenda. Get back into that temporal coma called ‘sleep’ , you will always know when your phone alarm will ring unlike the one in your head that’s waiting to go off at another right moment jus’ like this, when Life calls!

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