April 5, 2010

What's cooking?

We all look for answers… answers to ease our pain, to erase our doubts and to emancipate ourselves. But then often time we forget the question in the process.

How well do you know yourself to actually question yourself? It takes jus’ the same no. of years as your age to know the ingredients that made ‘you’, but the recipe is still incomplete. Let yourself be salted and peppered a lil’ and tossed up a little, it will only make you more appetizing in the end!

From the very beginning, it is a matter of chance and not choice but once you have figured out the cuisine you would like to be, leave it to the ones around you, the ones you meet, the ones that fight with you, the ones that love you, the ones who jus’ are sticking their noses in your life… to add their share to the recipe – YOU! It will be a marvel at the end but you may not really live that long to taste yourself. That’s altogether a different story.

In the end, you leave no choice for yourself, unlike others who can ditch the dish or dig the dish but you got to eat it all! The only thing you can do is make it worthwhile ‘cooking you’ and be a treat to those who stick around till the end to savor you and your qualities. It may seem like too long now, but the lil’ things that add up to your uniqueness are varied and nice to relish.

Life is made up of a little sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty things… it’s not rare to find them repeating but its only bad to miss out on any of these. Let yourself be cooled when spiced out, baked when softened too much… Afteral, your life is still cooking YOU!
Bon Appetit!!

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