June 17, 2011

Who's praying?

Wishes in the air, passing me by,
I can hear them cry, i can hear them laugh a while,
A token of love, my knees surrender to the ground,
It's a new feeling of submission unknown.

For there are weak hearts praying far away,
For there are strong souls treading the way,
A whirl of words spinning in my head,
Letting tears roll down, the pain unsaid.

Bruised knees, healed heart,
Clairvoyance as a crystal ball,
The smell of flowers nearby,
Invokes the greatness from small.

Wishes in the air, now fades out,
I can't hear them cry, I can't hear them shout,
A token of peace, my feet remains rooted,
It's a seed of faith i just planted.

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