April 4, 2011

The Undoing

Standing at the departures among a crowd at the airport, she held onto her handkerchief, covering her face, hiding her tears, concealing her love. He whispered that it was time for him to go back, go away, go... It seemed like it was just yesterday he had held her in his arms and said he would be there for her till the end. He had it all figured out from the beginning but didn’t have the heart to say it to her. She cried thinking about it, thinking how she planned to change his mind though she knew he won’t stay here for long. But reality was standing there, waiting to take off. He kissed her hands and tussled her hair, conveying that he wanted to part as friends. He felt it was better to walk away in silence because his words won’t be of any use at that moment, they won’t be answers to anything then.She closed her eyes for those minutes of self-destruction, as if it would help the feeling disappear from sight and her mind. When she opened them, he was gone. No point in waiting, no point in telling herself she can change the moment for the better. She had to accept that reality can sometimes break you into pieces that can never be glued again. It can rip you apart and ridicule the situation too. Changing her mind was all that she could do. Changing her heart, well... it will have to mend itself.

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