June 11, 2007


HURT! The word by itself leaves a scar on our lips.. imagine this word being put to use! i know that this world is not made of dreams that come true, faith that works fast, love that never dies!! But i still hate to think that i am right! Well, hurt, hurting and being hurt are all the same. It inflicts pain on one who gives it in and the one who gets it. As youngsters, the only hurt we can relate to is 'LOVE HURTS'! Love does hurt, i agree, it hurts more than a physical blow from the strongest guy in your college! it hurts more than a high fall from a tallest place, more than DEATH! why? ..i hav no idea, but it sure does some good to us. we learn a lot, we discover emotions that was locked for long!we know who we are and how to cope with the reality of being hurt mentally!!! But the truth is, Life is full of this **** .. we cant escape the pain, we need to take in the hurt and analyse the truth we get from the pain! I know i sound a bit lame, but you will soon understand what i mean. We all know hurt is all around us, we know we will be hurt sooner or later, but what we can do is, we can decide which hurt is worth takin in and analyzing!Think about it, after all, my words would have rung a thousand bells in your head by now!


Simply Luna-tik ! said...

ha ha ha...lol..:p

Hassan said...

you know what my comment would be on this... anyway let me try science on this :)

point 1 - expectations are directly proportional to hurt!

pont 2 - expectations are inversely proportional to bonding and love!

from point 1 & 2 - bonding and love are inversely proportional to hurt!

which implies that the more you love and are bonded, the less you are hurt! but we all know this is not true.....!

so on the whole relationships are wars where either both win or both lose!!! dare to be a warrior?!? LOVE! :)