June 15, 2007

~* L' Amour *~

Together we learned,
Lessons at college,
Lessons of life!
Shared little secrets,
Dealt with many regrets,
Had the hardest of strife!

Through pain, through gain,
Mountains of strain,
Life was so sweet,
‘Coz your love always rained!

Comfort & guidance,
Understanding every sound of our hearts’ silence!
We stood by each other,
This relation will fly even higher!

Hearts may break, Words may fake,
We may make a million mistakes,
But through it all,
Our strength won’t fall!
This magic called Love, this little fairy tale,
Will keep on growing happily ever after!!

1 comment:

Hassan said...

hey yu[veline]....

i dont think you mean to talk about friendship here... those words mean somethin else to me... masking huh :)

anyway good one!!!!! hats off my excellency :)